How Help Baby Sleep Better

The most important part of your sleep is your environment. If your environment is too messy or if it is too bright or too noisy, then it’s time to make some changes.

The most common and safe pressure points for performing acupressure are on the inner side of the wrist (in the central depression or in the depression below the little finger also called pinky) and another one just below your inner ankle. Apply low to medium pressure at these points till you feel a little relaxed. Another pressure point is behind the head, at the base of your skull, where you can place both the thumbs and apply pressure (be careful not to hurt the spine). This will help to relieve the tensions from your neck, back and shoulders.

If you have difficulty either falling asleep or staying asleep, then you may be afflicted with insomnia. Worry not, you are in good company. Insomnia is fairly a rampant sleep disorder and most of the world’s population go through sleepless nights at some point in their lives.

This is an integral step in most of the articles I’ve stumbled on. Our bodies operate on the circadian rhythm system. It tells us when to shut down and when to restart. It’s taught me that I do sleep semi-good, except at the most unsavory of times. The trick is to adjust the rhythm how to fall asleep fast to a time slot more acceptable. You know, like primetime. My schedule to accomplish this is pretty simple.

Keep the bedroom or at least the bed for only sleeping. You should want to reserve your bed for only sleeping. When you do other activities on your bed, you are letting your worry and tension entering your sleeping area.

Exercise. But not how to fall asleep too close to bedtime. Studies have linked regular exercise to a good night’s sleep, so taking a brisk walk in the morning or afternoon could help improve the quality of your sleep.

Many people have how to sleep improved from poor health conditions simply by the concept of creative visualization. They have also used the same practice to go from broke to comfortable financially. So how do you specifically practice creative visualization?

When people were awoken during this stage, they reported that they were actually in a dream moments before! It is believed that most of our dreaming is done during this REM sleep stage.

Although medication may help your sleep, there may be potential side effects that may be devastating in the long run. Try to stick to the first two tips mentioned before. Have a good nights sleep!